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2017 National Stop Arm Violation Count


While school buses remain incredibly safe, we all know that students who ride in buses are most vulnerable when they are outside the bus in the “danger zone.”  In 2010, many state directors attended a panel discussion on Loading Zone Safety where we discussed the problem and the various contributing causes and potential solutions.  NASDPTS passed a resolution to calling for the first national survey to determine the prevalence of illegal passing of school buses.  The data from the first six national surveys 2011-2016 documented the prevalence of illegal passing. The NASDPTS survey results have been cited in Congress, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, by various state legislatures, and by the media in promoting the need to develop improved safety countermeasures at the state and national level.


NASDPTS is requesting that each state choose a single day for school bus operators (public and contracted) to observe and report any instances of motorists illegally passing their school buses.  We want to begin assembling the data in June, so please try to conduct the survey on a state-designated, representative school day from March 1 to May 31, 2017. Here is the 2010 NASDPTS Resolution directing the effort.

State directors may enlist assistance from their state associations as needed. 

Drivers will be provided a form on which to report violations. A template is provided below:

The form may be modified for individual state use in any way needed, although it is requested that at least the data specified on this form be included.

The summary results should be reported to NASDPTS following your survey date in either of two ways, at each state’s option:

  1. A STATE level summary may be submitted, consisting of aggregated results from all participating drivers in the state. This should be used by those states that want to gather, review and compile their own data prior to submitting one report for that state. To enter data, click HERE.

  2. Alternatively, LOCAL level summaries may be submitted by local transportation directors, consisting of summary results from all participating drivers in the reporting school districts. This should be used by states where the best course of action is to provide the driver survey form to districts / school bus companies and ask that each district / company report directly to NASDPTS. To enter data, click HERE.

States should choose either the “State Level” reporting method, or the “Local Level” reporting method, but not both. 

Data Collection Tools

The following tools are available for states:

Driver Illegal Passing Reporting Form MS Word fileor PDF file.  It is important that this form or one containing identical fields of information be used to ensure consistency of national reporting. 

Illegal Passing Results Spreadsheet - LOCAL USE.  This tool is for recording Driver Reports at the school district level.  It allows the input of raw data from each driver's report and calculates totals for the school district.

Illegal Passing Results Spreadsheet - STATE USE.  This spreadsheet allows each state to input the totals from each local school district and calculates the statewide totals for each category.

Sample Memo to Local Directors.  This memo or something similar may help you in communicating with your local school districts regarding this project.


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